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Share your community and find new members

Post your rural co-living, retreat or workshop and grow your community

About us

At Mycelium we gather the most unique accommodations from all around the world, with a special emphasis on rural co-livings, life changing retreats and unique immersive workshops.

We’re about creating bonds and expanding knowledge and we hope you are too! Share with us your services. Join us and get in contact with travellers and digital nomads curious for a new way of life.


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Free exposure

Expand your reach and visibility while utilizing Mycelium’s marketing efforts to promote your space to a broader audience. Your presence in our platform is free!

Connect with the right guests

Find guests who resonate with your unique community and values. Through our web we will match you with your ideal guest.

In page tailored bookings

Set your own pricing, availability, and house rules for a seamless and customized hosting experience.

Transparent commissions

Benefit from a clear and straightforward 12% commission fee structure per reservation. 

We only make money when you succeed.

Share what you stand for

Inspire others by sharing your community’s values, practices, and experiences with curious minds.


How it works


Share your services

We are sure you are unique! Make an impressive profile to reach new clients.

What do you offer? Are you focused on colivings, retreats, or workshops? What can they learn and how much time is required? Be specific to make it easy for our guests to book an experience with you.


Mycelium promotes you

Mycelium will reach the right person for you! Whether you're open to welcome everyone or you're looking to find an specific niche, we are here to make your ideal guest find you.


Get in contact

Get in contact with diverse digital nomads, travellers, artists and entrepreneurs looking to be members of your community and live the experiences you offer. Make arrangements and get bookings!


Host your guests

Host your guests to their booked experience and welcome them to your community and way of life. Whether it is a short or long stay build a close relationship with your new members and develop close ties with those who wish to learn from you.

Want to learn more?

Make an appointment to have a virtual meeting with our team and learn more!

Sandra Acosta, Peru

"Finding the right guests can be really hard, but in Mycelium I've find the perfect fit. Now is way easier for me to match with the ideal member for my coliving" 

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