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Discover the Pura Vida lifestyle in a cultural immersion retreat 

Learn from the magnificent Costa Rican culture

In this retreat you'll spend six days in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica, learning about local products and traditional cuisine, all while enjoying the unique natural background of Costa Rica.

During your time in San Jeronimo you will visit local producers to learn about the magic of coffee production from harvesting to tasting. Merge in the delicious Costa Rican cuisine in  different cooking classes where you'll learn how to prepare tamales, gallo pinto, and maduros.

Taste the flavor of tropical fruits while visiting an orange, lemon and banana farm, and prepare yourself to not only enjoy the delicious ingredients of central America, but also discover the amazing Costa Rican wildlife by taking a guided hike to enjoy a scenic breakfast while having a bird sighting in this tropical paradise, and much more.

Total price includes transportation from San José, food, all tours, visits, and accommodation in the farm's bunkhouse.


This retreat is perfect for people looking for cultural immersion.

This retreat will be imparted in English by the local community of San Jeronimo

Accommodation in shared rooms for five nights

All activities, tours, and visits. Transportation from San Jose.

Food and meals for the days of the retreat, as well as ingredients for the classes.

Incredible views and unique natural background

San Jeronimo, Costa Rica

Culture, Nature, Cuisine

Cultural immersion


Per person

Shared room in a cabin


Per person

Private room in a cabin

Per couple


Intensive plasters and natural building in Costa Rica

17 - 23 March



Learn bamboo construction in the forest of Costa Rica

2 - 7 April



Visit Costa Rica and learn how to identify
useful tropical plants

16 - 20 June



Certificate in permaculture design in a Costa Rican farm

24 November - 7 December



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